denise schilling portfolio

I work spontaneously. It has been my experience that an amazing idea can come out of something as menial as an exercise. In most cases I stumble upon an idea while taking a photograph just for the sake of actually putting something on paper. It is at that point that the image takes me by the hand, leads me through the rest of the process, and beckons me to produce more pieces. The work itself tells me what it is about. All I do is listen and follow. Ultimately, I find that the work is not something that materialized somewhere between the lens and the paper. I find that it was there all along, a quiet part of me that was looking for a voice and found it when I pulled out my camera.



  1. Southwestern Illinois College
  2. Associate in Fine Art, 2006
  3. Fontbonne University
  4. BFA: Studio Art (photography/drawing), 2007
  5. MA: Studio Art (photography/drawing), 2008
  6. MFA: Studio Art (photography/drawing), 2009

work experience:

  1. Fontbonne University
  2. Adjunct Instructor
  3. 2010 - present
  4. Photography, Digital Imaging
  5. Gallery Director
  6. 2013 - present
  1. Southwestern Illinois College
  2. Adjunct Instructor
  3. 2008 - present
  4. Photography, Digital Imaging, Art Appreciation, Art History
  1. Duane Reed Gallery
  2. Gallery Assistant, Marketing
  3. 2009 - 2012
  1. Solo Exhibition: On the Cusp, St. Louis Artist's Guild, 2012
  2. Faculty Exhibition, Southwestern IL College, 2012
  3. Faculty Exhibition, Fontbonne University, 2012
  4. Alumni Exhibition, Fontbonne University, 2011
  5. Fontbonne University MFA Thesis Exhibit, 2009
  6. Herstory Women’s Art Exhibit 2009
  7. Girardot National Juried Art Competition, 2009
  8. Art Co-op, 2008
  9. Fontbonne University MA Thesis Exhibit, 2008
  10. Solo Exhibition, Pageant Theatre, 2008
  11. Fontbonne University BFA Thesis Show, 2007
  12. Herstory Women’s Art Exhibit 2007
  13. Southwestern Illinois Community College Art Exhibition, 2006
  14. IBHE Annual Collegiate Artists Competition, 2006
  15. Illinois Community College Artists Competition, 2006